Storyville Coffee.


You know Pikes Place Market.  And you’ve seen the first Starbuck’s just up the block.  But do you know Storyville Coffee?  Walking around, my dad and I stumbled upon this amazing coffee spot right in the middle of both.  Everything draws you in ... the genuine smile on the barista’s, the ambience, and the smell of pure bliss.  And if that's not enough, start a conversation with a barista and you'll discover they spend 3 months in training learning to pull the perfect shot of espresso.  I'd say perfection.

But, to Storyville, “Coffee is just the vehicle.  It’s the host for a radical dream.”  A privately owned speciality coffee company with the mission to end human trafficking.  So you experience an amazing coffee and they take on human trafficking. You just wanna open your wallet!