I can’t remember if I made the promise to you or just me.

There are fabulous, tucked away, neighborhood coffee spots around the world you need to experience, if coffee makes your world spin!  These are places where pulling a shot of espresso is an art and comes from the heart!  Remember Storyville Coffee in Seattle?  Oh my gosh!  And Ditta Artigianale in Florence, Italy?  Oh, if I could blink and be there!

Regardless, I promise to continue to share cool new finds because every adventure should include a treasured coffee spot.

So, believe it or not, I've struggled to find an amazing coffee spot near Pleasanton.  And I say near because I'll consider anything within 30 minutes.  And then I found Coffee Shop in Walnut Creek.  Oh. My. Gosh.  This spot is absolutely wonderful!  It has ambience, taste and incredible, fresh blended juices.  As for the coffee ... Loved the Gibraltar!  It's the sit, stay, enjoy kinda place and one I highly recommend.  Plus, it's so close.  Can not wait to drive a bit further to see the Lafayette location.   Now we just need them in Pleasanton!