Family. Friends. Connections. Home. Chocolate. Coffee. Margaritas. Baking. Water. Cashmere. Beach Cruisers. Cars. Mountains. Country Music. Design. Organization. Simple.

I need a name for my blog I told my daughter. “Make a list of things you love" she said. "What about your license plate?," my friend asked?

These are things I love and ok, I might make great blended margaritas.  And my license plate might reflect that! 

I am honored and blessed to have such wonderful people in my life – family, friends (who I consider family,) and most definitely, the best black labrador retriever, Shasta, ever!

Parker: Mechanical Engineer.  Hunter: Clemson. Husband: Traveler. Me: Northern California/Oregon.

I love the days I “work” part-time…marketing for our best friend's company, WIN Home Inspection. Never would I consider it work! 

I begin each day with three thoughts:

  • Make a difference in someone’s day
  • Less is WAY more
  • Leave the world a better place today than yesterday

And so it begins, life and style…places and spaces that inspire.