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Safe to say I chose motherhood as one of the best ways to learn about myself! And, in that role, I discovered something about myself this week. While I may have known it unconsciously, I have never put it into words before! 

It goes something like this … If my kids are happy, my heart is busting out of my chest!  I’m giddy, talkative (ok, more than normal!) and full of energy.  I can’t stop smiling!  And I can't sit still.

Parker got to take his motorcycle to a track last weekend, but that’s a story (and pictures) for another time, and Hunter arrived in Camp Sherman with Gregg.  Both kids experiences kept me on a high all week.  Seeing them enjoy themselves is, for me, one of life's greatest thrills.  Ok, I'll admit it's a challenge when they are struggling, but I'll just sit in this extraordinary feeling right now and think about the other side another time!

What an amazing adventure she had with two incredible guys!  Noah got her to Ft. Collins and Gregg got her to Camp Sherman ... via Wyoming, Idaho and eastern Oregon.  Not many can say they’ve seen so much of this beautiful country!  And, as Gregg leaves this morning, I find myself full of so much emotion.  I am grateful for both Noah and Gregg in ways words can't express.  Honestly, to think they drove her all the way from Clemson to Camp Sherman fills my heart.  What a memory!  What an experience!

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