Celebrating the 4th!


We've been spending the 4th of July in central Oregon, specifically Camp Sherman, for as long as I can remember.  What is it about small towns, on the 4th, that are so appealing? The Saturday BBQ at the General Store, the pancake breakfast at the community hall and long leisurely mornings with coffee on the breakfast patio ... It just doesn't get any better! 

This year Rich was traveling and both kids working, so Shasta and I hit the road to spend a long weekend in our usual 4th of July spot!  And so it's a different kind of 4th for me.  I didn't think too much about how it would feel to be up here, on a holiday weekend, by myself.  I didn't want this new chapter in my life to change my mind.  Besides I've been here before, alone, but a holiday ... that might be different.  

Can I stay one more day?  Seriously, it's been great!  New people to meet, invitations to gatherings and time to do whatever I please.  While there are always things to be done around the house, the mornings were for swimming in the river ... if your Shasta, cuz 53 degrees is too cold for me! ... and afternoons for a bike ride to the general store for ice cream. Add in another evening walk and a book at night and where the heck did the time go?  

May I suggest a weekend away, alone?  What an extraordinary experience!  And to my friends at Productive Learning, it was indeed extraordinary!  

This morning I hear the sounds of a new home being built nearby  ... oh how lucky they are to make memories in this magical place!

Happy 4th of July.  Cherish your corner of the world!