Must Ski.


We bought Parker his first pair of snow skis before his second birthday.  We couldn’t put him on skis fast enough!  Seriously.  Ok, it was mostly for us, not him, because we wanted him on the slopes with us.  It's no fun having someone sit in the lodge with a one year old while the other skis.  And it has become one of his favorite ways to spend the winter … maybe next to racecar building. So we think we did ok!

Parker and Hunter grew up skiing/snowboarding on Mt. Bachelor in Oregon.  Of course Hunter had to switch to snowboarding, but we still love her!  Our trips to Mt. Bachelor have been a gift. Countless Thanksgivings, New Year's and Spring Breaks have been spent on this mountain making memories.  Hunter and I had spring break there last week and it was absolutely perfect!  While we hate to share this gem with the world, it is a ski area worth adding to your "must visit" list.  And yes, we started with espresso at Megaphone Coffee in Bend ... coffee first! Always.