30 Days.


Have you embraced it yet?  You know, the whole idea of minimalism? 

Oh, I thought I had.  I’ve read both Marie Kondo’s books, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy.  I’ve listened to The Minimalists podcasts.  And I’m forever adding to my donation bag.  Yeah, I felt good about creating a life of minimalism.

Enter a suggestion from a friend ... “I think it’s time to play the minimalism game.”  While I was familiar with Joshua and Ryan, the Minimalists, I had not played their game before.  Always up for a challenge, I blindly said, “sure!”

The concept is simple: Get rid of one item on the first day. Day two, 2 things.  Ten items on the 10th day.  And so forth for 30 days.  Yes, 30 items on day 30.  Anything is game and you can donate, sell, or trash. 

No problem I thought.  Really.  Until someone totaled up the fact that we’d be getting rid of 465 items!  And suddenly I wasn’t sure I could do this. 

Not being a back down kinda girl, sometimes not a great quality I admit, we started.  Making it through day one was easy.  Dah.  But with the passing of each day a strange thing happened … I started collecting enough items to get DAYS ahead.  I am not kidding.   The feeling of appreciating what the item had given me and realizing its purpose had been served, and letting it go was addicting.  Every time I opened a drawer or door, I’d look for something I could let go of.  Not only that, but it made me realize how the purchase process was so important.  Some day that item might move on and where will it go?  Was the quality such someone else could use it?  Could the product be recycled?  Would anyone even have use for it? 

As I collected these items , the concept of Fewer, Better, from Cuyana, really took hold.  If you aren’t familiar with this San Francisco based women’s retailer, acquaint yourself!

So I’m going to challenge you.  Find a friend or a group of friends and family and play the Minimalism Game. 

And no, I have not gone through my collection of pens yet!