Open the Page.


You just have to start.  Take that first step. 

How many times have your heard that line when you’re dragging your feet about a project, idea or making a call?  Or maybe someone tells you to break the big task into small, manageable pieces.  Or to "eat your frog first."  But what if you have no idea where to start?  I mean it.  Even the first step seems too big and something smaller is elusive.

I don’t know about you but it always sounds easier in print, with an example.  What is that first step?  It all becomes overwhelming, for some of us anyway!  And I’m in awe of those who just jump right in.

I knew I wanted to get back to my blog.  But, I was afraid I wouldn’t remember how to do it.  I was afraid people wouldn't be interested anymore.  I was afraid "something" would always keep me from the consistency I knew was essential when blogging.   And those fears kept me from doing anything at all. 

A couple weeks ago I had some down time and one day wrote on my to-do list, “open a blank blog page.”  That was all I asked myself to do.  Nothing else.  My first step.  Just log in.  Just open the blank page.  But what if I didn't even remember how to do that?  (Passwords and I have a complicated relationship!  Ask my family!)  You can see the rabbit hole right?  You can talk yourself out of it.  It's easier to throw in that load of laundry.  Schedule that social media post.  Visit real estate offices.  Walk Shasta.  But I wasn’t asking myself to do anything ... but open the darn page!

Sure enough, opening the page lead to a title, which lead to some writing.  And before I knew it, I had the entire post written!  It was fun.  It was simple and it just flowed!

Why is that first step such a killer?  Why does it hold us back on so many things?  The challenge is unique for each of us.  But I do know one thing:  make that first step supremely small!  Open the darn page.

Then let me know how it goes!