Margaritas, please.


It's 97 degrees.  Can someone please tell me what happened to spring?  I love warm weather, but need I say more?  It's May people!

So that means only one thing ... bring on the margarita!  The timeless, classic, ever popular margarita.  Paula and I have spent years perfecting recipes.  There are so many to share with you!  (And we will share.)  Meet the first of many!

Our margarita is a drink recipe we "borrowed" from my mom and aunt.  And can I just tell you they spent years "perfecting" it as well.  It's a keeper and with the addition of POM juice, takes the lime margarita to a whole new level.  Plus, it doesn't require a blender and can always be kept, on hand, in the freezer.  

Let me know what you think!

Pomegranate Margarita.


  • 16 oz. POM juice
  • 6 oz. Frozen limeade, thawed*
  • 1 c. 1800 tequila
  • 1/2 c. triple sec
  • Juice of half a lemon


  1. Mix together all the ingredients.
  2. Store in glass container and place in freezer.
  3. Scoop out as needed.
  4. Enjoy!

* We prefer Minute Maid Limeade.