Snowy Days.


Hunter and I had been praying for snow ... aren't we always praying for snow? ... for at least a month.  Spring Break was approaching and not only did we want to ski while in Oregon, but there's something truly amazing about being inside, by a fire, and watching it snow outside.  Note: both visions require snow; hence the prayer!

Our prayers, however, seemed to have gotten lost in the "cloud."  I woke early Friday morning, six days into Spring Break, sans snow.  Mt. Bachelor posted 2" overnight and it was expected to snow all day.  That was all I needed!  I woke Hunter up, with coffee in hand of course because you don't wake Hunter up unless you bring coffee, and we drove to the mountain.  We skied in nothing short of what we decided was like marshmallow cream ... not whipped cream or butter, but marshmallow cream!  We made our own tracks all morning long.  Can we talk about how incredible it was to ski in so much powder!  It was an amazing day!  But the best part?  Coming back to Camp Sherman to find over 6" of new snow!  It continued to snow all that night and we woke Saturday morning to over a foot of new snow! 

My first walk into the woods was at 7:30am with my friend, Bethanne.  It was spectacular!  I kept stopping to take pictures.  And while they were great, I couldn't seem to get my lens to capture what I was feeling.  "That's because it's a spiritual experience as we walk through the quiet of the snow.  Your camera can't always capture what you're feeling,"  she said.  And she was right.  To taste, yes taste LOL, and feel and see the snow was a spiritual experience.  It touched your soul.  So while I know you can't taste or feel this snow, I hope my pictures create a tiny connection for you of what I was feeling.

Spring Break 2018:  prayers answered.  Skiing: check.  Snowstorm: check. 

Hunter can now go back to South Carolina!