Late To The Party.


I know, I know!  I'm late to the party

People have been choosing a word of the year for several years now.  Don't get me wrong, I've thought about it every January, but never actually committed.  I thought it would be too hard to pick just one word that would remind me of my yearly goals.  Or remind me of the way I wanted to live the coming year.

I grew up making New Year's Resolutions.  But this was 2018 and New Year's resolutions were becoming passe.  With the shift to intentional living, simplifying and minimalism, the idea of a word of the year began to gain momentum, at least in my life.  I felt one word would provide clarity and focus for the person I wanted to be.  I wanted to create a vision for change ... not of broken promises.

And so I just did it! They say your word will just find you.  And you know what?  It did.  Once I decided I wanted to select a word, I kept seeing it everywhere.  Literally every time I researched a topic or opened a book or thought about how to respond to a situation, I kept seeing this word.  How many times do you have to be hit over the head before you get it?  Apparently, in my case, many!

Not only did I commit to a word, but with the help of My Intent, which by the way randomly showed up in my email box ... weird right! ... I had them stamp my word onto a bracelet.  And yes, I wear it every day.  I love being reminded of my yearly intention every time I notice my bracelet.

Are you interested in picking a word of the year?  Or month?  Or chapter in your life?  A word to focus on for a period of time?  Here's some questions/guidelines to ask yourself:

  1. What kind of person do you want to be during this time period?

  2. What are the characteristics of that person?

  3. What is something you want more of in your life?  

  4. What is a challenge you want to overcome? 

I wanted to "appreciate" more in my life.  I wanted to always think it ... always write it ... always say it, even if just to myself.   I wanted to appreciate every little "speed bump" I encounter.  And you know what?  That appreciation changed how I view the "speed bumps!"

What word would you choose?