When it was decided my blog would launch on 14 February, I’m not gunna lie, I panicked!  Flowers and chocolate on Valentine's Day…yeah, I’m not that girl.  I love flowers and chocolate.  And Valentine's Day is one of my favorites.  Thanks to Carde Blanche, I'll forever love sending Valentine's.  But chocolate, preferably dark, should be enjoyed every single day of the year.  Now that’s love!  And flowers?  I love them outside my kitchen window or in pots in the front yard.  Why can’t every day contain cards, flowers and chocolate?  

As I sit here writing this, I’ve got one child enjoying a snow day in college, how cool is that?, and another traveling across country, back to college, to start second semester.  And I’m feeling incredibly happy and very loved.  Yes, they are in two different states and thousands of miles away, but I’m happy because I had the honor and privilege of spending the Christmas break surrounded by them and their friends!  And every day I have with them is such a gift!

Why shouldn’t every day be shared, celebrated and enjoyed like today?   What if you "celebrated" tomorrow like today? Why not start with these three!