Gone Retro.


Hi! How are you?  It’s been awhile, I know!  Raise your hand if you blink and all of the sudden 6 months have passed.  I drove cross-country with Hunter in August and somehow I landed in February!

I want to thank all of you that asked about Blended One.  Your patience is appreciated.  I’m here and ready to go!

Life has been fun and exciting this past 6 months, but I have to share my cool new, not so new, obsession: The Typewriter!  I know, it's as retro as the vinyls I seem to be searching for lately ... Concert for Bangladesh my best score so far!

Over Christmas I dug our family typewriter out of the closet, bought a new ribbon (yes you can still buy them ... thank you Berkeley Typewriter!) and started typing notes! I haven’t looked back.  Honestly, it was the arrival of my One-Per-Week subscription that started this whole crazy adventure.  The January envelope arrived with this wonderful assortment of retro themed cards.  One had a typewriter on it and I couldn’t help myself.

But can we talk about the whole process of typing?  Please. You have to use Liquid Paper when you make a mistake … queue a moment in high school when my bottle of Liquid Paper spilled all over my cheerleading skirt, but we'll leave that story in high school! ... which you can see if you’re on paper other than white.   You have pull the paper out to start over if your sentence doesn’t make sense.  And let’s not even talk about envelopes, especially colored ones!  Just accept the typos.  But the most amazing thing?  It requires serious focus.  You can’t multitask this skill.  You have to be present.  At first I was so painfully slow!  How did I ever type college essays on this?  How many times did I restart a cover letter for a job application?  This was a time consuming task and I'd forgotten that.  But you know what?  That’s what I’m loving!  For all the times I said, “ugh, that’s right,” there has been so much joy and satisfaction in this process.  Seriously loving it. Seriously recommending it!  Seriously.